As a versatile producer, director, director of photography and editor, I currently work with clients creating television entertainment, documentaries, music videos, commercials, a variety of corporate communications, and national news packages. Understanding and creatively communicating a story to viewers is paramount in every production I do, whether it is a “reality” TV show, a multi-camera music video or a product sales project. My broad experience in production allows me to interactively address all the issues in production from concepts, costs, techniques and methods as well as different formats of media for post production and delivery. Believing in “proper prior planning prevents poor productions”, I work closely with everyone involved, as needed, from the clients, large or small crews, AFTRA/SAG talent or real people, as well as animators to create quality productions on time and on budget. My experience as a producer / director / dp / editor includes responsibilities for concepts, scripts, personnel, equipment, graphics and production flow as well as working with a wide range of budgets.

In addition, my skills include a full array of technical capabilities ranging from operation of 16mm, 35mm film cameras, and the many formats of video cameras; jibs, dollies & Steadicam; various lighting instruments; Final Cut Pro, Media 100, Avid, Premier computer editing, and Steenbeck flatbed editing. Further I use production techniques for digital and special effects as well as multi-media applications.

Positive and hard working. I’m ready to go. Let’s discuss how I can be part of your creative team.

Thank You,

Ed Griffith


Miles of Mustang Stories – The Drive of a Lifetime from Miles of Mustang Stories on Vimeo.