Griffith Productions, Inc.

Television Programs/Entertainment
“The Spy Who Fleeced Me”-short film-, Director, DP, Writer
Pizzaria – indie film -DP
Whos’ The Dude – indie film – Director/DP
Schism – indie film – DP
“The Secret”-short film-, Director, DP, Writer, Editor

“Christmas Ride”-indie film-, Editor”Last Confession”-indie film-, Editor
“Opening Doors”-short film-, DP, Editor
“Quietus”-short film-, DP

“Miles of Mustang Stories”-documentary-, Director, DP, Writer, Editor
“The Muley & Friends Show”-pilot, Director/DP/Editor
Roy Mack Productions; “Psychic Forum” – TV pilot – Director/DP
Sports Pro Inc.; “Chalk It Up” –TV pilot – Director/DP
Ardent; “The Urban Gardener” – TV Pilot – Director/DP
ForeFront Communications; “Larry Howard’s Cornerstone Blues Jam” Director
Paramount Pictures; “Barnyard” dvd extras – DP/videographer
Paramount Pictures; “Black Snake Moan” dvd extras – DP/videographer
Chambra MediaWorks; “Earnest Withers” Documentary – videographer
Empty Cot Entertainment; “G Garvin sizzle reel” – DP/videographer
Collins Avenue; “Romance is Dead sizzle reel” – DP/videographer
Fisk University; “The Last Championship Teams” Documentary – DP/videographer
Yvette George; “Divas of Late Night sizzle reel” – Director/DP/Editor

ABC; “Good Morning America”- Field Producer
ABC; “World News Tonight”- Field Producer
ABC; “This Week”- Field Producer
FOX News; “Town Hall For Hope – Memphis”- Field Producer
NBC; “Today Show”- Field Producer
MSNBC; “Keith Olberman Show”- Field Producer
Wife Swap; “Episode 218” – videographer
America’s Most Wanted – videographer
Extra; “Grammy Night in Memphis” – Field Producer
Beautiful Homes & Great Estates; “Graceland” – Field Producer
Rachel Ray Show; “Spy Parents” – Field Producer
Dick Clark Productions; “Coming Home: Class of ‘55” – videographer
Dick Clark Productions; “Black Gold Awards” – videographer
Speed; “Blow It Up” – videographer
History Channel; “Shockwave Episode 10: Dragster Crash” – DP/videographer
Major League; “2008 Civil Rights Game” – videographer
Speed; “Pass Time” – videographer
Nashille Star Productions; “Nashille Star 2008” – DP/videographer
Spike; “Real Vice Cops 2008 & 2009” – videographer
VH1; “Rock of Love Bus” – videographer
Spike; “Pinks All Out” – videographer; “2008 Cival Rights Game” videographer
Speed, F1 Champ Boat Series; “Pickwick Challenge 2008” videographer
Fox; “Whadyado” – DP/videographer
PBS; “The Artsit Den: Black Crowes” – videographer
Versus; “City Limits Fishing” – videographer
WE; “Bridezillas” – videographer
Exception Familty TV; webisodes – videographer
WE; “Love After Lockup” – videographer
West Coast Customs- St. Jude K-Mart – videographer
Ruptley Television – Field Producer/Videographer

Music Videos
Roxanne Lemon Band: “Why’d Ya Do It”- Director/DP
Select-O-Hits; G-Style, “G-Style” – Director/DP
D.J. Jimi; “Where They At” – Director/DP
Bellmark Records; “Dazzy Duks” (dance video) – Director/DP
Virgin Records; Sanne “Where Blue Begins” – Director/DP
World Overcomers; “Put ‘Em Up” – Director/DP
US Postal Service; “Safety Rap” – Director/DP
The Angels “Dogs Are Talking” Asst. Director
Marc Cohn “Walking In Memphis” Asst. Director
Class of ’55; “Birth of Rock n Roll” Asst. Director

ShortFilm Flix; “Paco on Beale Street” Direct Director/DP/Editor
Walker & Associates; “McDonald’s”- Memphis Market
Walker & Associates; “Southwest Tennessee Community College” Director/DP/Editor
Conaway Brown; “Once Upon A Farm” & “Butterflies” Director/DP/Editor
Ally & Gargano; “Exxon & Dunkin Donuts” Director/DP
Rutland Simmons Group; “Backyard Burgers Combo” Director/DP/Editor
Health Communications; “Wolfe Clinic” Director/DP/Editor
West/Rogers; “Keep The Dream” Director/DP/Editor
Harold Ford; “US Congress” Director/DP/Editor
Libertyland Amusement Park
Cablevision; “Ice Cream”
WHBQ; “Cris Cross in the Morning”
Ad Trends; “Bogeys Golf & Games”

Corporate Communications
IDR; 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) “We Are The 160th”
Walker & Associates; “City of Memphis: Recruitment”
Thomas & Betts; “The Power Of Thomas & Betts”
Thomas & Betts; “The Journey To LEAN”
RAG Mining; “Ideal Day”
Federal Express; “International Sales”
Federal Express; “Telecommunications”
Union Planters Bank; “Building On Tradition”
Insituform Technologies, Inc.: “Structural Properties of Plastic Pipe”
Jimmy Dean Foods; “Safety”
Holiday Inn; “Top 20 Hotels”
Holiday Inn; “Hotel Services Division”
John Deere;”No Till Plow”
Bowden Building; “Building A Dream For You”
Riverbirch Builders; “Amadale Farms”
Riverbirch Builders; “Quality Built”
Sedgwick James; “The Power of Performance Reviews”
National Cottonseed Products Association; “Cottonseed, It’s Part of Your Daily Life”
Federal Express; “CTC to EDC-W: Miagration of a Titan”
Federal Express; “I Am FedEx”
Owens Corning: Safety Day
American Residentual Services: Annual Meeting videos

Smith Newphew; Clinical Therapies- National Sales Meeting
US Postal Service; “Operation Southern Sales Storm”
Memphis Advertising Federation; ” Addy Awards Show”

Schul & Associates; “T.E.A.M.” 8 hour cassette training series
Smith & Nephew; “CT Talk”

HanaHawk Communications; Gyrus – “RetroX”
HanaHawk Communications; smith + nephew – “Exogen”
MarketPlace Strategies; “Methodist Extended Healthcare”

Ed Griffith
(901) 351-1899

Sanne Where Blue Begins